Jewelry designer, painter, decorator
Antonella Lannino
"Art, personally is the most sincere means of expressing one's state of mind. As much as an artist tries to be tecnical, their state of mind, happy or sad, shines through in their art. Art does not lie"

Antonella was born in Palermo in 1977 and graduated in Decoration at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1999. She has dedicated her whole life to art: from painting, to decoration, to ceramics, to handcrafted candles. In 2016, dazzled by the technique of bead embroidery, she is passionate about it and studies the various techniques of processing, creating jewelry, including brooches and earrings, very special and precious, more than for the material, for the long hours that take to create them.

“I love Sicily: I love it and I hate it. I know for a fact that I can’t do without it, now more than ever, but I still hope that something in it will change. Let it remember what it is worth! Perhaps we are the only ones today who can explain its true potential, through our art, our traditions handed down, our dialect of which we are proud. I learned it over time… until a certain time I thought it was disreputable for a woman to speak Sicilian. Then I realized that I am Sicilian. I am this land burned by the sun, bathed by the sea, colonized, subjugated and always re-emerged. And I can’t be without speaking its language”.

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    Antonella Lannino. A world of pearls, lace, fabrics. Recycled materials and principles of hems and sequins. Flashing clusters and twisted thorns. Millenary worlds kept under lock and key and wise and warrior female consciences.
    Arianna Attinasi, Madrina of the Madonie