Anna Fiori
"Art is a friend who sits beside me, telling me about colors, scents, sensations and emotions. And I fix on a canvas what she tells me."

Anna Fiori was born in Prato, central Italy, on November 25, 1972, from parents of Sardinian and Sicilian origins. Although she has always been passionate about painting, she has not undertaken studies in the artistic field and has therefore been self-taught. Her Sardinian and Sicilian origins, with which she has an increasingly strong connection, have pushed her to concentrate good part of her art on these two islands.

“My beloved origins. I love the sunrise and looking at the sea and the Egadi islands that slowly wake up and caress me with the scent of jasmine. Lunch with pasta with red garlic from Nubia, which reminds me of my grandmother who cooked it and its scent could be smelled from afar and you can not finish lunch without the melon cartucciaro of Paceco, with its yellow color like the sun and with its scent of the land and inside sweet, so sweet that puts joy. The colors of the golden sunset sometimes red and the blinding glow of the salt pans of Trapani that when I arrive are manifested in all their glory. This is my Sicily, my proud origins, my colors and scents that I try to put on the canvas”.

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    Sensations, scents and emotions. Anna Fiori’s painting tells the story of Sicily but it is also a reverberation of a Mediterranean light as her Sicilian and Sardinian origin together.

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