Lamps and lampshades
Alessandra D’Amico
"Light makes possible the perception of colors, emotions and sensations that are the foundation of our very existence. When the light illuminates the heart, Art is born "

Alessandra D’Amico was born in Palermo on March 12, 1965. She obtained her diploma as a chemical expert in her city and a degree in psychology in Rome. She returns to Sicily after having lived 30 years in Brescia where she worked for more than twenty as a legal psychologist. With no certified artistic ability, since she was a child she expressed a strong tendency towards what today is called restyling, or the ability to give a new light to what was about to be put aside or worse thrown away. She has a passion for lamps and for her land, she loves Victorian lampshades and reaches the apex of her artistic achievement with Sicilian lampshades, unique creations where restyling and culture are combined with the intention of wanting to convey that explosion of colors, emotions and feelings that are contained in the hearts and eyes of the Sicilians.

“My Sicily is a unique place, the flavors, smells, sensations, passions, colors, everything is intense, everything is experienced intensely both positively and unfortunately negatively. It’s enough just to get away for a while to realize the quality of what we have and sometimes we don’t know how to value.”

The opinion of the Governance

Each creative has been included by the Governance after careful evaluation of the Sicilian spirit of his creations

If you look at Alessandra D’Amico’s art of detail, you will find the treasures of Sicily, just waiting to be discovered.
Each piece is a representation and remnant of our Sicilian history, a story to be told.
Treasures are waiting to be discovered. What is the price of history, of handmade craftsmanship? How much are we gifted with the soul of our mother Sicily.

Carmela D’Amore, Madrina Australiana