Art Stories

3000: these are the years of History and Culture of Sicily: sanctuaries, temples, amphitheatres, cube, thermal baths, muqarnas, golden domes, gothic, lava, limestone, castles, baroque, liberty.

The Sicilian is a mixture of Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Norman, Swabian, Angevin, Aragonese and also Italian blood.

Therefore, the head and heart of a Sicilian artist are the complicated combination of all those peoples, combined with the sun and good food.

Sicily is a unique place in the Universe.

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Artist Talk: Ramona Mirabella, ceramic

Artist Talk: Elvira Corrao, majolica lava stone

Artist Talk: Alessandra Schinocca, ceramist

Artist Talk: Maurizio Russo, wood sculptor

Artist Talk: Noemi Scaffidi, perfumes

Artist Talk: Silvana Surace, painter

Artist Talk: Gianfranco Salonia, puppeteer

Travelling Sicily with an artist: a knife (Antonino Versaci artist) and a painting (Lucia Stefanetti artist) take us to San Fratello and to the Sciacca

Artist Talk: Alessandra Di Miceli, coffa bags

Artist Talk: Roberto Intorre, jeweller

The Storiesdancer and the master of the Sicilian cane

Artist Talk: Valeria Bafumi, papier-mache

The Matrangela: literally is “mother of angels”, is a typical Sicilian statuette, protector of the house.

Artist Talk: Claudia Clemente, painter

Travelling Sicily with an artist: a painting (Nunziello Marotta artist) and a watercolor (Maria Francesca Starrabba artist) take us to Palermo with Lupin and to the Valley of the Temples

Art and Food in bedda Sicilia: Salvatore Ingala (painter) and the Vastidduzza fritta; Antonio Versaci (knife maker) and the Parmigiana; Pietro Sciortino (painter) and the Cassata; Maria Presti (coffa bag) and the Pasta cchi masculini (anchiovies) and wild fennel

Travelling Sicily with an artist: A painting (Jonni Carolla artist) and a jewel (Francesca Alferi artist) take us to Ballarò outdoor market in Palermo and to the Sicani mountains.

Artist Talk: Giuseppe Severini, luthier

Artist Talk: Danila Fisicaro, ceramist

Art and Food in bedda Sicilia: Giuseppe Trupia and the Paste Elena; Antonella Cusimano and the Cannolo; Francesca Gucciardi and the Caponata; Anna Balsamo and the Sfincione

Artist Talk: Patrizio Arabito, painter

Artist Talk: Barbara Arnone, painter

Art and Food in bedda Sicilia: Patrizia La Bua and the Parmigiana; Roberto Intorre and the Pasta al Nero di Seppia; Marisa Di Mitri and the Pasta coi tenerumi; Maria Francesca Starrabba and the Sfincione palermitano

Le stanze della creatività Siciliana: Etna, Sole e Mare (in Italiano) Giusy Trovato (disegno con cenere lavica), Alessandra Schinocca (ceramica) e Daniela Pedone (tufo ed ossi di seppia) ci raccontano della Sicilia nella loro arte.

Artist Talk: Daniela Iozzia, coffe

Art and Food in bedda Sicilia: Danila Fisicaro and the Parmigiana; Giuseppa Matraxia and the gelato al pistacchio; Alessandra Schinocca and the Cassata: Pino La Barbera and the panino cca meusa

Artist Talk: Agata Mannino, jewels

Art and Food in bedda Sicilia: Patrizio Arabbito and the Caponata; Pietro Ragusa and the Bistecca; Nicetta Cusumano and the Anelleti al forno; Elena Castro and the Scacciata

Carla Siracusano silk batik

Art and Food in bedda Sicilia: Piero Morabito and the Stocco alla Messinese; Daniela Iozzia and the Arancino; Gianfranco Salonia and the Pasta coi ricci; Margherita Veneziani and the Cannolo

Artist Talk: Pietro Sciortino, painter

Iu sugnu (I am), Sicilian Artisan Foundation trailer

Art and Food in bedda Sicilia: Toni D’Antoni and the Panino with panelle; Francesca Alferi and the Cannolo; Silvana Surace and the Cannolo; Giuseppina Toscano and the Parmigiana

Artist Talk: Francesco Amara, builder of Sicilian drums

Art and Food in bedda Sicilia: Giusy Trovato and pasta with sarde; Riccardo Termini and the cannolo; Pina Parisi and the cannolo; Antonella Lannino and pasta with ricci

Artist Talk: Eugenio Vazzano, fashion

Artist Talk: Clementina Iuppa, crocheter

The sauna trailer of S.A.F.

The Moor’s heads: a symbol of Sicily

Official Trailer S.A.F. “Semu Siciliani” (We are Siclians)

The Arab-Norman architecture: a Sicilian saga

U friscalettu: a very traditional Sicilian instrument

Sicilian pottery from prehistory to now day